Sound Meditation Workshop

One day interactive workshop

Are you willing to explore emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, sadness, fear? These can be experienced as physical symptoms in the body and lead to physical and mental ill health.

Sunday November 19th 2019

10am – 4.30pm

Garden Association Hall

School Lane


Anam Cara

‘The soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When you are very open, appreciative and trusting with another person, your two souls flow together.’

Which sounds do you like or dislike?

Think about what soothes you – a particular type of music, someone’s tone of voice,perhaps the sound of a rippling brook.

Now think of the sounds that grate on the ear – maybe loud music, an angry voice, a crack of thunder?

How does your body react to these? What helps you relax and what […]

Breathing with the Chakras to reduce Anxiety & Depression

An opening statement from ‘Wheels of life’ by Anodea Judith

‘You are about to go on a journey. It is a journey through the layers of your own self. It is a journey through your life, through the worlds within and around you. It begins here, in your own body. It begins now, […]