5:5 breathing for anxiety, heart regulation. Breathing correctly and at an optimum pace can help restore both physical and mental health.

Over the millennia we have learnt to stand upright from being on all fours, but do we? Just for a moment stop what you are doing, don’t move – not a muscle! Hold that position. Notice whether you are sitting up straight or not, are you leaning to one side? Is there more pressure on one point of the body? Are you sitting of a slumped position, maybe over your computer?

Notice how you are breathing, maybe count the number of breaths per minute.

For our bodies to work efficiently most of us need to sit up straight without being rigid, breathe through the belly with shoulders relaxed, breathe through the nose – in and out between 10-12 times a minute. Any more than that and we can actually feed a sense of anxiety through our nervous system and promote negative thinking – which we don’t want.

Dr A Weil’s 4-7-8 for anxiety and stress. You can look it up on YouTube

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