Mindfulness supports you in bringing your life back into balance physically and mentally.

Focusing inwardly on breath, thought, feeling or sensation, or outwardly on object, scenery, or beyond – the planet, universe etc. 

The first steps to feeling alive and connected with the world starts with our awareness and willingness to be observant to what is happening within us.

Treat everything you hear with interest. Do not take critical comments to heart.

Remember there is a human being here who needs self-compassion – YOU.

Put your hand over your heart and acknowledge all that it is feeling whether painful or content.

Remember you are human, life can be tough, but you can be resilient given the right resources.

Mindfulness encourages you to explore all your senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch. By ‘feeling’ into the body in this way we can change our physiology helping us de-stress both physically and mentally. We can start to know ourselves better and work in harmony with the ‘cue’ our body gives us i.e. ‘I feel tense’, ‘I need to slow down’, ‘I need to feel more in balance’, ‘I can be more free’.

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