Workshops & Talks

I am not currently running workshops. The information below gives you an overview of previous workshops. They are designed for individual self-development, allowing you to participate at your own speed. The day involves individual and small group work and discussion.

1. Breath and Sound Meditation

Meditation is used to help us get in touch with our natural breathing pattern and help to use breath and sound to connect with our thoughts and feelings, bringing body and mind into balance.

‘Breath is one of the most powerful tools for transforming ourselves: for burning up toxins, releasing stored emotions, changing body structure and changing consciousness’

(Wheel of Life, Anodea Judith PhD p. 214. ISBN 0-87542-320-5)

This is an experiential workshop looking at how different sounds affect you, how you feel and react to different forms of sound – whether natural or mechanical. Using the principle that everything in life has vibration we can tap into our body’s natural energy centres to rebalance and bring harmony of body and mind. In this workshop we use sound in many forms to connect with our inner feelings. This includes listening to music, Tibetan bowls and voice. Having practiced playing the Tibetan Bowls and toning you will experience a ‘Sound Bath’ for total relaxation. Breath & Sound work needs to be used with respect in order to allow expression in a controlled and safe manner.

Sound Bowl

‘With every breath sound vibrates to the core of us and gives us renewed life’

2. Psychosomatic Illness – the body remembers

We absorb the sounds we have heard in our past. Every sound we hear from in utero to the present day affects us. Negative sounds are stored in the cells of our physical body creating disease and illness. Positive sounds help us heal. Research shows that sound has a very powerful effect in helping to express emotions in order to heal both mentally and physically. When we focus on emotional or physical pain we can use sound to engage with our feelings and relieve suffering.

3. Anxiety and Depression

These are natural emotions which we need in order to express how we are feeling. However, when we become too deeply embedded they develop into fear and confusion, leaving us feeling vulnerable and not able to cope with life. This workshop looks at why we feel as we do, how to recognise our mood and start to change our way of living.

4. Mindfulness with Sound

A course of 6 weekly sessions using the Chakras and Mindfulness to reduce anxiety, relieve depression by connecting with your inner feelings (physical and mental). Mindfulness involves connecting with your natural breathing cycle. In these small workshops we use gentle sound to help achieve a deeper understanding of who we are and how the body reacts to the stresses of life. Sound helps us focus on and gently shift stuck emotions in a nurturing environment.